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♥ let me run till the end of time

until our hearts are aligned into the sky

coco candy
hey thurrr, i go by the name micky. i'm fifteen years old, but i'd like to say i'm pretty mature for my age. i go through ups and downs just like any other girl, i crush on guys with curly hair and green eyes. i'm a dork, a loner, and i can be shallow sometimes. i never seem to say the right things, and i'm socially awkward. sometimes i'm too loud, sometimes i'm too quiet, sometimes i'm bitchy, and sometimes i can't even stand me.

>> skins. gossip girl. vampire diaries. supernatural. intervention.
>> nutella. spicy tuna. puto. ice cream. ferrer rocher.
>> james franco. aaron johnson. sid vicious. kurt cobain. fernando torres.

want to know more about me? well then, get to know me! add me if you want, i really don't care about age/religion or any other factors.
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